The first step was measuring out where the interior wall supports where then fastening 1″ x 2″s onto the walls These would be the frame of the cabinets. Next I framed in these wall supports.

20141216_131750 20141216_131719 20141216_134235

Next was paneling in the cabinets.

20141216_145539 20141216_145529 20141217_094136 20141217_104729 20141217_092138 20141218_112143 20141218_111728

Then I made all the doors. I picked up some hardwood. I had to glue together some of the boards due to the door sizes.


After this I used my router to trim back the backside a little bit to recess better into the cabinets



Then I trimmed the edge with the router to add a nice little design and also to add a easy spot to grab with your finger nails.

20141220_114521 20141220_114529

Next I installed the hinges.


After this I lined up all the doors and attached them to the cabinets.

20141220_131947 20141220_131942 20141220_130429 20141220_130418


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