Camp Chef Mountain Series

The Camp Chef Mountain Series stove has been absolutely amazing. I have used it almost every day for 3 months straight as this point. The only time I have not used it is when I thought I ran out of propane more about that later or when I was cooking over a campfire.

This unit has two high output burners both burners are rated for twenty thousand Btu’s. Now this rating of the burners is if you are only running one at a time. I have yet needed that many Btu’s to cook anything I have done included large pots of stew. Camp Chef does offer higher Btu stoves along with one’s that are full grill or half grill half burner.

The biggest issue with the unit is the connector. The connector supplied is sometimes difficult to attach to the unit. This connector on one side attaches to the one pound propane bottles. I purchased an adaptor hose so I could connect it to a five, ten, or twenty pound propane bottle. This was a great purchase but not necessary for the weekend camper. My 10lb bottle last me about 30days of cooking. Depending on the usage of my water heater that can decrease.

The only issues I have had is when I got a “gas” trap in the propane bottle which is air that locks up the valve on the propane bottle valve. There is a an easy fix for this. Just grab a phillips screw driver and insurt it into the valve pressure valve and bump it with your hand make sure to keep your face way. This will allow the air to escape. The other issue I ran into was having dust get into the hose and this was cleared the same way.
The stove is not stainless steel so please keep it dry when packing it away and try to keep it dirt and grease free to keep it looking and working great. I would recommend this stove to anyone going on a long or short camping trip. It is a bit larger than some of the other stoves out there wh.ich also means you can cook with larger pots and pans on it