Front window deflectors – I love these things. I can crack the windows in the summer and not get any rain in my X. Also going down the road it helps me ash my cigarette. The one’s I got were from Weathertech. The weather tech one’s tuck into the window well. It does take a while for the seal to reform and the window motor do have to work slightly harder. The Nissan version stick to the outside of the door and in my opinion look like shit.




Rigid Dually Flush mounted backup lights – I installed backup lights in the rear corner panels. I got diffused lights that light up everything when I need to work behind my vehicle or backup. A lot of people are doing this mod with wide angle led’s in my opinion this is not wide enough to help with backing up. These diffused lights really disperse the light well but are still bright enough to see behind you. Not to mention your not backing up doing 40mph so how far does the light really need to go.




Rigid Dually D2 Fog Lights – So since I upgraded my front bumper it removed my stock fog lights. Due to this I decided to get some Rigid Dually D2 wide beams to replace them. They work very well. They light up everything in front of me. The biggest issue with them is they light up in the same pattern vertically as they do horizontally. So you will be able to see the top of the tree’s. So please turn them off if a car is coming at you.




Rigid E Series 10″ Top Front – I installed a Led dual row 10″ light up top of my windshield next to the mickey mouse ears. If I was going to do this over again. I would remove the stock mickey mouse ears and put a wind deflector up there without the lights that came on a lower model Xterra’s I would then mount a 40″ led bar since they are a lot cheaper now.

2012-12-20 08.52.36



Rigid SR Series 6″ (wide) Amber Left & Right Side – I installed 6″ single row LED lights on the side to help for setting up a campsite at night. Also it helps with looking down a side trail to see if you are going the right way. These lights work very well checking out the side roads or animals on the side of the road. But for lighting up the area next to the Xterra I would of preferred the diffused version.




Rigid SR Series 10″ (wide) Amber Rear – Along with the other LED’s I also installed two 10″ single row amber bar on top of the rear hatch to help with reversing. I angled them to get a wider light spand. These lights work really well for seeing quite a way behind you. They are not good for backing up though the light is to far behind and you can’t see right behind the vehicle when driving.




Rear light bar – To help mount the rear lights previously talked about I installed a light bar across the back of the X. The bar is a Xoskel light bar. Since I have bought the light bar there have been a lot of customer complaints about product turn around and lack of product being delivered. If I was going to buy a new light bar it would be an Insain Fab light bar. These light bars are amazing and they come slotted so you can bolt up any light bar or lights you want to them and don’t have to worry about the span between the bolt holes.




Extended rear diff breather mod – On a Xterra the rear differential oem breather is a check valve . Rarely but it has been know to happen that the check valve gets stuck open, which will allow water to enter the rear differential. To correct this I installed a rubber hose and extended it up to the rear tail light. As long as my rear tail light does not go under water I will be ok and all this stuff is seal tight.



OBA – So I made a home made OBA system kit. This includes two MV50 air compressors. Also originally 2x 5 gal air tanks. I later reduced this down to only one 5 gal air tank. I made a bracket and bolted this all up where the spare tire use to be. These air compressors are great. They are cheap and put out pretty good air. Now they do get very hot when running. I had to use braided lines to prevent the air lines for heating up so much and bursting. Along with this I ran the air intake line to up behind the tail lights so the filters don’t plug with dirt/mud and water.




Jerry Cans – My vehicle can hold Four Jerry cans. Two on the spare tire swing arm where I built an aluminum bracket out of  Aluminum angle iron & rivets. The other two mount up on the roof rack.

2013-01-12 16.18.19 2013-03-18 19.31.03


Engo 9000-s & 12000-s – After a lot of research, I finally decide on what winch I wanted. The thing with winches are they cost a lot of money. Are used very little. But when you need one it has to work. So I settled on the E9000s witch served me well as the primary winch for 3 years and still serves as a secondary winch. I have upgraded to the E120000s. The reason with pulling the trailer I wanted the winch to be around twice that of the vehicle & trailer weight. The E9000s still works and is mounted to a 2″ receiver winch mount plate. This allows me to use it as a secondary winch and I can mount it on the back of my vehicle or trailer and winch backwards if needed.

2013-06-30 18.58.01 SAMSUNG

20150305_101055 20150307_202314 20150307_202245



Rear wheel spacers – Since I Titan swap the front of my rig. I decided to install 2″ wheel spacer on the rear to get the track of the rear closer to the front. The benefits is the rear tires will follow the front tires path so you don’t have to worry about rear wheel placement as much. Along with this the wider stance is much more stable.



DepHep Roof rackWhen it comes to roof racks and Xterra’s to make the stock one usable there is only one choice and that choice is the Dephep Roof Rack. Besides this one you have to replace the whole rack system. You can also get this rack with expanded metal on the floor and I wish I would of. Makes caring things much easier. You don’t have to worry about things falling through and damaging your roof. This rack is durable and very strong. Along with this, it only raises your vehicle height by a max of 1.5″. Some people get in trouble hitting things while pulling into parking garages or there own garage once you start lifting your vehicle so this is very important to keep in mind.

2013-03-18 19.31.03 SAMSUNG



Forward Facing, Rear View Systems Camera (CC88black, 40 degrees) – One of the three camera’s I installed was on the front bumper. This camera gives me a great recording going forward. It also is a great perspective while off-roading.

2013-06-30 18.58.01



Rear Facing, Rear View Safety Camera (130 degrees) – I also installed a rear facing camera, This is great for backing up since I can’t look through my rear view mirror anymore due to the tire and everything in the back of my xterra.

2013-06-30 18.57.15



Rear Axial Facing, Backup Camera (120 degrees) – Finally the last camera that was mounted. is facing the rear axle and pumpkin. This is good when going over rocks to ensure you are not running into anything to big to damage your pumpkin. It also allows you to see your rear wheel placement.

2013-06-30 18.57.34



Factor 55 Prolink winch thimble – I installed a Prolink onto the end of my winch. It is great. It gives a easy spot to attach a shackle. It is sturdy and strong. It also rest against the fairlead for a nice and clean look. I love using this and a shackle so much better then a hook. A hook even though they work can become dangerous since it is not fully enclosed.




AC 2″ Body Lift – I installed a 2″ AC body lift kit to help fit the 35’s under the Xterra. There are much better and cheaper kits now available. The AC kit comes with a lot more adjustment peaces then is needed for a lot of components that actually don’t have to be remounted. Along with this there instructions plane and simple suck. There is a good right up on both the major forums on how to do this body lift. I’m not a big fan of body lifts but I have to say with the Xterra the frame does not hang down a lot where it is noticeable.




Iron man Dual battery 275amp motorized switch – I installed this motorized switch to charge my secondary battery. It charges the secondary battery when the primary battery is fully charged. And cuts off the secondary battery if the main battery is not fully charged. You can also manually switch it and remotely switch it from a switch in the cab. I love this thing. But once again I got the Iron man duel battery switch before Iron man re released there products in the USA and increased the price by 30+%.

2013-08-04 18.00.21 (2)



AirFlow Snorkel – I decided to upgrade my air intake on my vehicle for a few reasons. The first reason was the stock air bo takes in cold air from the wheel well. This is a OK design at best. The engine gets cool air from the wheel well vs the engine bay. It is somewhat higher and protected from water. But dust and dirt can accumulate inside the wheel well due to the tire being right there even though there is a “protective liner”. Along with this due to the aftermarket bumper I have this liner has been trimmed down which allows more dust and protects it less from water. So the best remedy for these issues was getting a snorkel. A snorkel has a high intake elevation which provides the engine with cleaner air along with this it helps the vehicle in water crossings. Please keep in mind this is NOT the end all with water crossings. There are still a lot of components to worry about. I went with the AirFlow Snorkel for a few reasons. The biggest one being it is the only manufactured snorkel available for my vehicle. I could of made a custom one and after looking into it. It would of cost near the same as the pre-made one to have it look nice. Yes you can go out and get PVC pipe and create one but I wanted one with a little more “class”.

20150118_160720 20150118_160710

K&N Appolo air filter – After installing the Snorkel I decided I wanted to do something slightly different with my air filter. Currently I was running the OEM box with a drop in K&N air filter. I wanted to go to a cone filter which would offer more room available under the hood for future mods. What mods? I don’t know yet but I’m sure something will go there. Well anyways back to the Apollo Air Intake. I had to by a few step downs and ups to maximize the air flow and to get everything lined up properly. Also with this I had to use the stock MAF sensor pipe as the Apollo setup does not work with the one on my vehicle. Along with this I can to create a mount for the new air filter and I used a factory bolt and mounting location to do so. Along with this I have installed a nipple and a drain hose for any water that does sneak by the snorkel head. At the bottom of the drain hose is a ball valve to ensure water does not get sucked up during crossings. The Clear hose allows me to see if water is building up inside the intake plumbing.

20150213_170906 20150213_170901 20150213_170850 20150307_185954 20150307_185959


Mean Green Alternator – So with my upcoming trip and now pulling my camper. I have 4 batteries to keep charged between camping sites. Along with the vehicle accessories witch keep becoming more and more. I now have a bunch of accessories in my camper that like to suck power. For this reason I decided to upgrade my Alternator to the Mean Green 200amp alternator available for my vehicle. This is from a 130amp alternator that comes stock in the Xterra. I will be keeping the Oem alternator as a trail spare as this is a well known part to go on a Xterra. As it is mounted extremely low under the engine and mud and debris can easily get into the alterantor and destroy them.



Mud Flaps – With having to pull my trailer all over gravel roads I decided it was best to install some mud flaps. The factory flaps that are installed are hard plastic and get torn off easy. Also with all the mods on my vehicle these would not longer fit. So I bought some generic mud flaps and just fastened them onto the new rear aluminum corner panels.

20150430_164630 20150430_164638



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