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Yes, I did spell it right. The company is Insain Fab and trust me I can’t spell Insain right anymore. So from now on it is INSAIN!!!

What do you want me to say about these guys and there Lead Corey Sain. They are wonderful, perfect, amazing, down right masters of the art of welding and fabricators. I have seen a lot of great welders in my day. I have only seen a hand full that are as skilled as Corey Sain himself. Most fabricators can copy a drawing. This man can come up with a masterpiece in his head and then make it in any metal you want. I could go on for pages about the work I’ve seen this guy do. He will remove a stock bumper from a truck create his own design from aluminum and unless you walked up and tapped it with your hand you would thick it was molded out of plastic with how smooth the curves are and how tastefully it matches the body design. I will say one thing if you want a custom peace of metal for your front yard, house, garage, work, business entry way, or even your vehicle go please click on the links at the bottom. Of this page. He does not just work on cars he does everything. Along with this he does not just work on Jeep’s, Chevy’s or Toyota’s. He will make you what you want out of steel, aluminum, you name it on the vehicle you want. And it will turn out better then what was in your head.

See what you did there you got me started again.

Well I need a few accessories for my teardrop and since I’ve seen this mans work. I new where I wanted to go. I wanted is creativity with the building of what you see below.

Tear Drop Roof Rack

Below you will see my poorly executed drawings of what i wanted for a roof rack of my tear drop. It would be pretty simple. A square basket with some detachable points for accessories like Trek4x4 recovery devices and an awning. I wanted a mesh bottom.

20141208_174512 20141208_174503

I also sent him the following picture and drawing to show the mounting point for the roof basket I am using these Stainless steel mounts that have a slight bellow out to go around the roof trim and mount to the side of the tear drop.

20141208_174540 20141208_170815 20141208_170810

Below you can see what was delivered to me.

Well I got the parts in and you can see the final mounts of the corners above. I also got the tire carrier and roof rack. I went to mount the roof rack and as soon as I did I face palmed myself. I was incredibly stupid. I totally fucked up on my design. The rack itself is perfect. But for some stupid reason when designing it I forgot about the roof top vent that opens upwords. This means I have to cut a huge hole in my roof rack for the vent to open. This is totally my fault and not Insains at all as I sent them the drawings. Good news is I will be stopping by and they will help clean up my cuts and make it look professional when I’m in Colorado. Here are some photos of how it arrived. BTW thank goodness Insain did such a great job at packaging it. Because UPS freight did a great job at trying to destroy it.

20150331_152531 20150331_152514

Inside that ugly mess was this stuff wrapped nicely in moving blankets.

20150331_200350 20150331_200346

It also had these nice logo cut into the sides.



Here it is being installed as a test fit. I created a spacer bar to help fix my fuck up.20150429_102327 20150429_100011 20150429_100014 20150429_120741 20150429_120248

Tire Cradle

For a tire holder I originally wanted a swing out tire bumper for the back of the tear drop. The more I thought about it the less I wanted one and then would also have to worry about tongue weight much more with such a heavy tire and rim on the back. So then I opted for tire cradle that would mount on top of the fender on the side of the teardrop camper. This cradle can hold a tire from 31″ to 35″ no issue also it can hold any wheel pattern which is nice if I change it later to match the tow vehicle one less thing to worry about. It currently uses a Nylon tie down strap to hold the tire in. I might change this later down the road.

Here are the drawings I sent Insain Fab.

20141206_180159 20141206_180219 20141206_180233


This is what I received. It works perfect. For now I will use a cable lock to ensure there is no theft of the tire.

20150508_163251 20150508_163257 20150506_131750

Rear Corner Pieces

The Xterra comes with two plastic pieces are behind the rear wheels under the body. Insain fab designed and made an aluminum piece that replaces these for durability. I made some modification of what I wanted for mine. I wanted a attachment plate to hang a mud flap by. I wanted them to remove the step they normally have build in just like the OEM ones. I also wanted there option of a square cutout for backup leds. Which I already have in my OEM plastic ones. As you can see them mounted below they fit nicely and look great. Can’t tell a big difference between OEM one’s besides they are metal and offer more clearance for the rear tires.


20150408_134830 20150408_134838

Email update before Powder Coating

Below you can see what was sent to me before Powder Coating. I loved the way everything turned out. The first three picturs are of the roof rack and the Tred4x4 traction plates. This mount can mount on all 4 sides of the rack. The next two are of the rack just stripped down. The last two are corner pieces for my Xterra behind the rear wheels. No pictures of the tire carrier where sent since they had no questions to ask about it.

20150320_155129_zpskjjt9bfa (2) 20150320_155112_zpss0fchrwd (2) 20150320_154930_zpspfmtvef7 (2) 20150320_154551_zpsmsdyrcpv (2) 20150320_154547_zpswnth49bg (2) 20150320_152227_zpsy4qy6hoi (2) Corner


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