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When it was time to create the steps that I designed I new the exact people to contact. The guys over at P&P Engineering are great people with a creative mind set to come up with simple solutions to solve your problem. Please check out the link I put on the bottom of the page to their website and don’t be afraid to contact these guys about some custom work you want done. There open to all projects does not matter how simple or crazy you think it is.

While building my teardrop it started to dawn on me how high my door is. I’m 6’6″ and it was a struggle for me to climb in. So I could not imagine a short person trying to get in. I new I had to come up with a solution. What I wanted was a set of stairs to climb up to get inside. Yet I did not want it to hang down below the frame and risk getting ripped off. So I sent some home made drawings over to P&P Engineering who I have met a few off-road gathering and they also made the sliders on my Xterra which I was very impressed with.

20141210_172253 20141210_172245 20141210_171807 20141210_172512

As you might be able to see from the drawings above there are two steps. Slightly spaced apart. The tricky thing is these will be mounted to the frame and the fender mount which is at a weird angle. So trying to communicate all this information over to these guys was a bit difficult but they instantly understood what I was talking about. You can see the mounting area in the below picture.



So as they where about to send it off to powder coating. I asked them to add on another step that would drop down since the first one would be at about 20″ off the ground. I did not have any drawings and just told them come up with something I just don’t want it hanging down. And this is what photo’s they sent me before Powder Coating.

10966636_10104680982505468_1088059223_n (2) 10927868_10104680982974528_1128847548_n (2) 10965501_10104680983378718_1673597334_n (2) 10966737_10104680983578318_134000144_n (2)

I don’t know about you bu when I look at these pictures they looked perfect. I could not believe how nice the fold down step looks and what a perfect design it was. Just as simple as pulling a pin and lowering it and then lifting it back up and putting the pin back in to store it up. They are lightweight but very strong. I don’t think I will have any issues with them and I think I could bounce them off a tree or two and they would still hold up and work.

Then I got them in the mail. The packaging was great. Even though Fedex tore the box up a little the steps where wrapped in enough protective padding that the powder coating was unharmed. I opened up the package and layed eyes on my steps for the first time. I loved them instantly. The next day I brought them to my shop and clamped them up for a fitment test.

20150307_113023 20150307_113016 20150307_112915 20150307_112907 20150307_112900

What can I say they fit perfectly. After this I removed them and drilled all the mounting holes and then bolted them up and removed them so I could finish epoxying the side of the trailer. I will try to get more pictures once I mount them back up.

Here it is mounted back up. Hopefully this is the last time I install them.


I received the middle step. It looks amazing. They did this all on there own as a surprise.



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