Pull Pal


When it comes to land anchors there is every home made contraption in the book. Then there are a the bought version of these contraptions. Then there is Pull Pal and there competitors. I’m not here to bash what works best for you. I’m here to just say this product is a great design. For what it is everyone thinks “I can make that” and 99% of them fail. The real thing is simple but well designed and built. Not to mention the blade is easily removable but locks in place. Along with the arm folds up for storage. I have yet to test mine out. Sometimes that is a good thing you have not needed a piece of recovery equipment yet. But I have to say I’m happy I have it. How many times going down the trail have you thought. If I got stuck right here. Do I have enough chains, rope, winch extensions, and straps to reach that tree way over there? We this can help solve that problem. No more winching to that little tree. or if you do you winch to the pull pal and the little tree helps too. Hell if you need to winch someone out this makes for a great additional anchor point. The first time I use this thing I will try to take some photo’s but so far this is all I have. I have not even come up with a permanent mounting solution yet.

20140623_140849 20140623_140832 20140623_140732

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