Engo E9000s Winch — I choice this winch due to online reviews and friends of mine who have used Engo’s before. They are known for a reliable winch that is affordable unlike some of the bigger names out there.

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Engo E12000s Winch – Even though my 9k winch still works and has absolutely no issues. I decided I would feel more comfortable with a nice 12k Winch. Also since the 9k performed so well and the cost is right. I decided to stick with Engo. Also synthetic is where it is at. My 9k now is my Reverse winch that can be attached to the 2″ receiver on the back bumper or to my trailer.

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Factor 55 Pro-link Thimble — This is used on the end of a winch. It is easy to attach a shackle to and also provides much more safety over a hook.


5x 3/4″ Shackles 4-1/2T — These shackles will be great for single line winching. Or even light recovery situations

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4x 7/8″ Shackles 6-1/2T — These shackles are stronger and will work for heavier duty recovery situations

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3x 1″ Shackles 8-1/2T — These shackles are great for duel line winching with a snatch block.

2x 18,000 lbs Lucky 8 Soft Shackle — I also have these soft shackles that I bought off of someone who won them in a raffle. I have never used them yet. They look stout. I think they would work well in a constant pull. I’m not sure if I would trust them in a jerky motion. They eye fits over the knot tightly right now but I will find out how they loosen up after use.


2x 30k Snatch Block — I have two Snatch Blocks. I don’t see a time when I will need more then one but you never know. Snatch blocks come in handy when you want to redirect your pulling force to a center point between two trees or when you need to double your pulling force with your winch.


1x 10′ 26,455 lbs ARB Tree Protector — Everyone that owns a winch should have a tree protector in there kit. These wide straps spread the load across the tree to try to prevent damage and killing the tree in the process of winching.

2x 30′ 24,000 lbs ARB Snatch Strap — Nothing is better then a nice recovery strap. These straps are different then a tow strap. They are designed to stretch up to 30% this way the pull vehicle can build up momentum and the force is transferred to the recovery vehicle in a nice smooth pull. I’m not saying build up slack and gun it.

Winch Line Extensions — I own the following winch line extensions. Sincea winch has it strongest pull on the first wrap of the winch. You never know what length winch line extension will come in handy the most. These are all odd lengths as I bought the remanence when they were on sale.

1x 40′ 19,600 lbs AmSteel Blue Winch Extension


1x 42′ 21,700 lbs Master Pull Superline Winch Extension


1x 22′ 17,600 lbs Master Pull Basic Winch Extension


1x 20′ 17,600 lbs Master Pull Basic Winch Extension



Pull-Pal Land Winch Anchor 11,000 lbs — As I have a tendency to explore on my own I believe it is important to have a good anchor point. The pull pal may not be perfect in every situation but it sure will help as an anchor or even a secondary anchor point if needed. I can use it to anchor my vehicle while recovering someone else or to help recovery myself.

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