So I will try to keep this short. I bought my 2011 Nissan Xterra back in 2012 with 17 miles on it after doing a bunch of research. I wanted  a body on frame SUV along with something that was a little unique. I first started building the rig to just be able to go off-roading and soon I started to want to be more and more capable. I know it is IFS but I like that aspect for traveling overland. After taking it off-roading and going to a few events I soon made up my mind that I had to go in one of two directions. I could go full blown off-road machine which means I should just keep the Xterra near stock and build a rock buggy or I could go in the direction that I decided to build an Expedition rig. This sounded more promising to me as I like to travel and see new things. Also there are not a lot of rock crawling areas around were I currently live.


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