315/75/16 Dick Cepek Fun Country AT’s – I decided to go with Dick Cepek tires. These tires are a little harder then I would like. But due to this they will last a lot longer. They also have tough side walls. Not to mention I had a $500 dollar gift certificate for Dick Cepek.

20140403_135010 (2)


Procomp 7089 – These rims have a slightly larger back spacing then stock rims. This spaces the tires further away from the frame to help with the larger tires. They are also tough and durable.

2012-12-17 16.05.00 SAMSUNG
3″ alcan +300lbs w/PRG shackles – So to lift and upgrade the rear of the vehicle. I went with custom made Alcan leaf springs. I love these things. I also got each one built for 300lbs over stock. This helps with all the extra weight I’m caring. They were also built 3″ higher then stock. On top of this due to settling I”m running PRG adjustable shackles to add a little more height.
Titan LCA reinforced – The front suspension setup I did is called a titan swap. This means to use all of a Nissans Titans front suspension parts. These parts just bolt right up to the Xterra frame. Part of this is the LCA’s the arms I got where stock LCA’s and reinforced with plate steel to make them stronger. These LCA’s are also longer witch widens the vehicle stance.

2013-03-18 19.21.11
SAW 2.5″ Coil overs – To go along with the Titan Swap I installed Saw 2.5″ Coilovers. These are stronger and more durable then the stock coil overs. Along with this provide better cooling. I purchased these through PRG which they include an adapter for a Titan coil over to bolt up to the Xterra bolt pattern on the coil bucket.

PRG UCA – With a Titan swap you can use stock Titan UCA’s. But you still risk the chances of having coil bucket contact which will limit your travel. To solve this issue I went with the PRG UCA’s.  These provide plenty of travel and they are stronger then the stock arms.

Long brake lines – Due too all the extra travel and lift. Longer break lines were needed. Nisstec provided these reinforced braided brake lines.
Radflo emulsion shocks – To match the front suspension upgrade and the leaf springs in the back. I got extended travel Radflo shocks. These shocks work great.
Rear Brake Line Relocation Bracket – To make the rear lift work I had to create a bracket to prevent strain on the rear brake lines.
Parking Brake Relocation Bracket – To make the rear lift work I had to create a bracket to prevent strain on the parking break line.


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