Trans USA & Canada Pre-Trip & Day 1

So I went and got the trailer inspected and registered. Along with this I have been adding some very small accessories to make life easier as I live in it.

Here are some Pictures of it before I installed the tongue box the day I went and got it inspected.

20150508_084404 20150508_084412 20150508_084422 20150508_084433  20150508_084538 20150508_084552


Here is one of it tucked away safe with the tongue box and also some of the packing that is going on in the subfloor.

20150520_160305 20150521_131605


Well today I finished Packing up the vehicle and trailer with the remainder of what I own and headed out to my parents house to drop off a few things. Not to many pictures as it rained for majority of my 9 hr drive today and it was a point A to point B type of drive which I have driven numerous times. I will be taking my time and stopping more often from here on.

IMG_0148 IMG_0149 IMG_0150