Trans USA & Canada Week 20, 10/5-10/7

Day 135 (10/5): This morning before hitting the road I did a oil change and cleaned the air filter which was much needed. This should be my last trail maintenance before I’m “home”.  I then headed out to Zion Nation Park. It was a beautiful drive with some great scenic overviews.

IMG_7047 IMG_7049 IMG_7054

Once I got to Zion I headed straight for the campgrounds as they fill out quickly. I got there right around lunch time and got one of the last spots open and the last few were taken a few minutes after I clamed mine. I then unhitched the trailer and headed west out of the park to go up a scenic drive. But the road was closed due to construction so I headed back to the park

IMG_7058 IMG_7065

Once you get into the park the views are breathtaking.

IMG_7069 IMG_7076 IMG_7083 IMG_7099

IMG_7111 IMG_7116 IMG_7119 IMG_7150

IMG_7157 IMG_7169 IMG_7241 IMG_7245

IMG_7254 IMG_7279 IMG_7290 IMG_7325

I took the short hike to the Canyon Overlook.

IMG_7343 IMG_7374 IMG_7389 IMG_7393

Just as I got off the Canyon Overlook it started to rain. Then once I got to my vehicle it started to pour. I headed back to my campsite and enjoyed a dinner as it rained the rest of the evening. I did not do the Zion Canyon drive as it requires taking the shuttle bus and with the weather and it starting to get late I did not thing it was worth it. Hopefully tomorrow morning the weather will be better and I will go on the bus. If not I will head north.

Day 136 (10/6): When I woke up this morning the weather was mediocre in Zion NP so I decided to take off. Today was a game of mileage. I drove highways and interstates all the way to slightly passed Grand Junction, Co. I did end up stopping at Alcan Springs to talk to them and ordered a new set of leaf springs for my vehicle so the current ones on my vehicle can go on the trailer for a more durable set. I also made a few phone calls around to find a place to rebuild and repair my shocks and struts along with getting some spare parts delivered. Hopefully this weekend I can get my vehicle on a lift and figure out everything I need to fix everything back up to specs. I ended up stopping at a Colorado state park to camp I was surprised at the cost of them they are very nice and some of the cleanest I have seen though. The drive was truly beautiful but I did not stop to take any pictures as I want to consider Zion the final destination.

Day 137 (10/7): This morning was a nice half day drive over to Thornton and Denver through some great terrain. I ended up arriving around at Insain Fab to drop off and park my camper at noon. After a short talk and unloading my vehicle of some weight I headed out to see some friends. This is the official end of my trip. But please stay tune. I will be posting about smaller road tips I take along with a recap of my thoughts on the trip and my favorite picture from the trip.