Whynter FM-62DZ Refrigerator and Freezer

The Whynter FM-62DZ Refrigerator and Freezer has been my main source of keeping food cold on this trip. I have been usig my Iron Man refrigerator as my left over and lunch meal refrigerator. Meanwhile I have been using the Whynter as the storage for cooking supplies like frozen meat and vegetables and milk and eggs. The Whynter has two zones which means two different compartments that have two separate temperature controls. There is a larger compartment and a smaller one. Since I have the other refrigerator I decided to use the larger compartment as the freezer and the smaller one as a refrigerator. Most people if they choice this unit will use them the other way around.

This unit is relativity cheap compared to a lot of the larger name brands and not wanting to spend a thousand more dollars on a name brand or two separate small units I went with this one. Overall it as been a pretty good unit not perfect but has gotten the job done. I noticed very early on rough terrain if the unit gets shaken around a bunch it does not shut off but it does stop turning on the compressor. The displace will read accurately with the correct temperature and voltage and the right settings but it will not fire up the compressor. The way to fix this issue is to turn off the power to the unit and turn it back on and you will hear the compressors fire back up. The unit does cool relatively quickly and with all vehicle units it is not recommended to use the unit to cool down product or freeze it. On a journey this long that is not always possible. So what I do is I try to go shopping in the morning so my vehicles alternator has time to charge the batteries while the unit does it job.

I have also noticed that the unit uses quite a bit more power than the Iron Man unit I have which was expected since it is larger. But it goes through probably 3 times the power when can be a drain on a battery system. I would not recommend his unit to someone who does not want to charge there system every day with an alternator, generator, solar setup, or shore power.

One of the reasons the unit uses a bunch more power is the insulation in the unit is not as good as more expensive name brand units. This was very noticeable when I was in the desert and the outside temp was one hundred degrees different then the freezer temp. The compressor had to run almost constantly to keep the temperature to where I needed it. I actually had to use the vehicle to charge the batteries after a day on the trail even with my 100 watt solar panel setup in the desert sun. I ended up buying one inch rigid foam insulation and attached it to the front, sides, top and rear of the unit and this made the compressor run thirty percent less. In cooler climates I believe this refrigerator does just fine. If I was going to do it all over again I buy this unit and build it in a box and have extra insulation around it in a more efficient better looking way.

The unit is mounted in my teardrop camper and gets banged around more then it wound in a vehicle. So if you are going to have the unit in your vehicle or not take you trailer off-road I would recommend this unit. Along with having it permanently mounted with extra insulation around it. Don’t forget to not cover up the vent slots on the side and front. If you are willing to do the extra work it is a great unit. If you would rather spend some extra money I would highly recommend getting the name brand unit.